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Statutory Undertaking of Punjab Government, Department of Social Justice, Empowerment and Minorities

How to get Loan

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Documents to be furnished by the Loanee (With Loan Application Form II)

  • Two photographs duly attested.
  • If the Loanee gives the guarantee of third person a photograph duly attested  of the  guarantor.
  • If the applicant  belongs to   Backward   Class , a   Backward Class Certificate duly  issued  by the competent authority and also an affidavit of  income duly attested by the Notary   Public or Executive Magistrate
  • If the applicant belongs to Minority Community , an affidavit of income duly attested by the Notary Public or Executive Magistrate.
  • An affidavit from applicant declaring there-in that he has not obtained any benefit under any subsidy scheme implemented  /  being  implemented  by State Govt. /   Central  Govt agencies.
  • Guarantee of his own land or   house / plot or that of guarantor valuing double the  loan amount  along with Fard   Jamabandi or   Map of house or   plot. In case of guarantor   giving    the   guarantee an affidavit   is also   to be obtained from him declaring there-in that the property is free from all encumbrances  .
  • An attested   copy   of Rashan Card or Voter Identity Card in token of proof of  residence.
  • If the payment is to be made to the 3rd party a quotation from the reputed firm duly   signed by the owner , applicant and Field Officer of Backfinco.
  • An attested copy of qualification certificate, if required.
  • An attested copy of certificate of training obtained, if required.